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Seven Hills international film festival

3-8. OCTOBER 2020

SHIFF is not simply a movie festival,

but a unique platform for filmmakers of all origins and experiences. Connecting and creating business opportunities between east and west (cultural events, film productions). Exclusive screenings of exciting, never before seen films from all over the world. Get the chance to meet and greet cult actors, aspiring directors, other notable guests from Central Europe and the Middle East.

SHIFF is a way for the Hungarian film industry

to embrace its rich culture while also stepping on an international level.  Gateway and connection between East-West and entry to Central Europe.

SHIFF is an international platform for communication.

Each year a couple of countries come into the spotlight, so next to the internationally competitive movies the audience can also get a thorough overview of both, exciting areas of the film market and its culture. 
Just like Pecs itself, SHIFF is culturally diverse, lively and open event. It is the perfect venue due to it being the home for the University of Pecs, the films and an open audience will welcome messages of the sponsors. 


A regional cultural economic event, a gateway between East and West, creating an entrance into the global world of movies. The weeklong film festival and professional meeting hosted in Pecs, has made its debut in 2018 in the domestic and international film world with even greater success than expected. Alongside those entertaining movies, which targeted a broad audience, the program also includes “exotic” oriental cinematic delicacies. The attendees have the opportunity to meet talented actors, novice and well-known directors and filmmakers in person. 

In the focus of development
In addition to a professional high-quality film review, Seven Hills International Film Festival provides home for a Middle-Eastern film market where movies and filmmakers from the Arab region become acquainted with European professionals in a unique way. 



"I attended SHIFF in 2017. I thought it was a great festival at the time, the festival has taken an immense leap in 2018... Seriously mind blowing. I congratulate all the organizers of SHIFF!"

- Vernon Wells

"It was a huge experience taking part in SHIFF. Pécs is a beautiful city, I loved the diversity, the people, programs and the interesting places I was able to visit. Looking forward to seeing you next year."

 Robert Vargas -



The 2020 official program and screening dates of SHIFF will be announced soon.


Official submission conditions, categories and awards information can be found on FilmFreeway.com


SHIFF Festival Center:


7621 Pécs, Király str. 38.


+36 30 789 9415



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